Identity & Branding

Brand identity, direction, and collateral for Chicago cocktail bar Moneygun.

Under the “L” train, in a former dive that boasts red vinyl seats, a curved linoleum bar, smoke-stained ceilings, and a warm red-tinted ambiance, lives Moneygun. Since opening in Chicago’s West Loop in 2016, this no-frills drinking establishment has quickly become one of the most acclaimed cocktail bars in the city.

Working with restaurant group 16” On Center, our focus for this project was to create an identity and brand direction that paid homage to a bygone era of cheap cocktails and shady barflies, and set Moneygun apart as a beautiful but unpretentious lounge with damn good drinks. With this in mind, we chose a distinctive and evocative name, created a thoughtful visual system that felt fresh but nostalgic, and designed collateral that balanced a sense of of timelessness and the totally new.